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Helping Your Parents Decide Between In-Home Care and Assisted Living

June 28, 2016 CFM Comments (0)


Is your parent to the point where he or she can no longer manage day-to-day living on his or her own? It might be time for the conversation about whether to consider outside care on an everyday basis.

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4 Health Rumors You Can Ignore

June 13, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

While your doctor should be the end-all, be-all when it comes to medical advice-giving, there are a few long-time health rumors that just don't add up.

Check out the four often heard tips having to do with your health and your body and why each of them isn't entirely true.

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5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor When You Become Pregnant

June 01, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

There are a lot of factors to consider once you've become pregnant. And often you won't know the right answer to every question that might arise. The most important thing to remember is - it's okay.

Make sure you talk to your doctor about these five key questions once you become pregnant.

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4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Children's Health

May 17, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

When it comes to developing a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your child's doctor, it's important to communicate. Be honest when you're unsure or confused about a treatment, medication or symptom. Your doctor will appreciate your honesty, and it will help him or her provide the best possible care.

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Caring for a Newborn: The First Week

May 02, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

Once you've done the business of giving birth, what next? Your first week as a parent brings with it a lot of things to keep in mind to properly take care of your newborn.

Don't forget the following when keeping tabs on your baby in week one.

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8 Common Senior Healthcare Concerns

April 18, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

There are a variety of symptoms, from aches and pains to memory loss to breathing difficulty, that can crop up particularly in seniors. So if you're a senior or a caregiver for one, keep the following common trouble areas in mind when detecting potential health risks and complications.

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6 Kid-Friendly Sioux Falls Parks & Playgrounds

March 22, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

Any parent knows full well that kids cooped up in the house for too long leads to some added stress. Luckily, in Sioux Falls, there are a wide variety of outdoor parks for families that allow kids to burn some energy and get some much-needed exercise and parents to get some fresh air and a break from the cabin fever.

There are a lot park options in Sioux Falls - here are some of the best, most kid-friendly ones.

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How Your Second Pregnancy is Different from Your First

March 07, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

So it's time to have another child...

You've been through this before, but how will your second pregnancy differ from your first? Some things will seem very familiar, while other aspects of the process will change considerably - here are a few of them.

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Being a Symptom Sleuth: Signs Every Senior Caregiver Should Look For

February 29, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

As a senior caregiver, you're responsible for maintaining the health of your loved ones who may struggle to identify health problems and disease in themselves. But if you have a keen eye for common symptoms and know the appropriate actions to take, you can set yourself and your senior care recipient up for success in health and daily life.

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Children and Doctor Visits: How Often and What For?

February 16, 2016 CFM Comments (0)

Once children enter the picture, it can get tough determining when it's time to visit your doctor.

Is there a certain number of times a month you should go to the clinic?
Are there certain age milestones in which your baby should have an appointment?

While it's never an exact science, regular checkups are highly recommended for your little ones. Keep the following in mind.

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